Thursday, June 30, 2011

From Condo to Cloud

In a few hours I will be aboard a flight to Texas and then on another to Central America. I am moving to the cloud forest for a while, where I intend on investing in an ecotourism and sustainable farm project. Cloud forests are crucial environments as the trees literally strip the clouds of some of their humidity thereby increasing effective rainfall. But like all else beautiful and important in nature, man is quickly destroying the last of the world's cloud forests due to unregulated land use and climate change.

I'm glad to be leaving Vancouver. In fact, let me take a minute to say fuck you Vancouver. Fuck your stuck-up consumption-obssessed culture. Fuck your plethora of bylaws and regulations. Fuck your concrete forests of condominium towers. Fuck all your douche bags in luxury sport cars; I understand you are compensating but still, come one, you don't need to be that obnoxious. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm not a huge fan of Vancouver. Then again the rest of Canada is quickly going to shit under the Conservative corporate minions anyway.

I can't wait to breathe the fresh air above the clouds, to work outside, to look up at a star-filled sky, and to benefit directly from the fruits of my labour; fuck being one of those TGIF wankers. People, if you're not happy, do something drastic. Take control of your destiny. Follow your dream. You are not on this planet to flip burgers or serve mocha latte frappe coffee crap to preppy punks with half a tub of gel in their hair.

BTW, my departure date happens to coincide with the end of QE2 in the US, just as Greece managed to kick the can down the road a bit further. The Ponzi scheme that is the global economy is coming to a close. I can guarantee the US and European economies are still in for a world of pain. All I can say is go short and smile while their house of cards collapses. The Human Spring is near!

Peace out bitches! Next post will be from the jungle!

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